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Have you ever been plugging away, finding success in your daily profession, and then turn around to find yourself in a slump? Well, this past week was one of those type of weeks for me…I was definitely stuck in a slump. It seems I was unorganized, frazzled, impatient, and just disheartened. My work frustration trickled down into my family relationships, and I found I wasn’t being a good communicator or patient husband/father that I usually strive to be. I wondered what was off…how could I work so much and find such limited results in one week?!

Starting fresh this week, I went back to my morning routine of prayer/meditation on God’s word. I analyzed what I was doing before that was working so well for me before this past week of complete insanity. Then I pulled out one of my tried & true favorites: “Zig Ziglar on Selling.’

If you are in the sales industry (or any industry…come to think of it), and have never had the honor of reading up on Mr. Zig Ziglar, you need to stop reading my blog, go to the nearest library, and check him out! The man is a wealth of information, and inspires me to the core. I can literally read his book over & over, and come away with a complete epiphany each time.

Let me quote Zig on what he calls ‘A Fact of Life’:

“One of the basic truisms of selling is that “slumps” will occur. You are going to hit those plateaus where nothing seems to work very well personally or professionally….Inevitably, those that slump get away from the basics…I have discovered the surefire way to end the slump: RETURN TO FUNDAMENTALS WITH THE PROPER ATTITUDE.
The primary reason we stay in a slump is a failure to be willing to return to the fundamentals. Basically speaking, we get caught in a rut, and as many of you know, a rut is nothing but a grave with the ends kicked out! It is one thing to get in a rut, but it is an entirely different thing to STAY in a rut…(Ziglar on Selling, Pg. 29)”

Like I said, I read this book more than once, and it was still a complete eye opener. What am I good at? What was I focusing on before that helped me see results? For me personally, it was video marketing and the utilization of Ibuzz pro that retired me from Corporate America. I always enjoy venturing off and learning new, cutting edge technology that will help me in my business, but what has happened is that I have ventured so far off that I lost the ‘basics’ of my business. I’ve been chasing after too many rabbits (so to speak), and am having trouble catching any! So, I’m going back to my old techniques that worked for me in the past & am going to manage my time so that my research of other tools doesn’t interfere with the process that works for me.

Like Zig said, it’s one thing to get caught in a rut…we all do that from time to time. It’s staying in the rut that is dangerous! I’m glad my rut was short lived & only lasted a week! I’m so thankful that this is the start of a new week…one I feel will be filled with successes, organization (yes, I cleaned out my office:)…my Sunday ritual), and a clear head! In a nutshell, if there is any advice I can pass along, it is this: If you find yourself currently in a slump, don’t worry! Get up, dust yourself off, and GO BACK TO THE BASICS!

‘See you at the TOP!’ 🙂
Mark Stephens


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    I love reading these articles because they’re short but infomrtavie.

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