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Start Up Company Review: Pre-Launch Australia

Start Up Company Review: Pre-Launch Australia

Don’t Buy into the Hype of Pre-Launch Australia

Pre-Launch Australia....promises a lot, but won't pay out in the END.

If you’ve been in marketing long enough, you’ve witnessed the waves of hysteria that come and go with the arrival of each new start up company: “Wanna make a 10-figure income in a matter of weeks with just a push of a button?!  Then join NOW to get in for as little as $1!  Don’t let this opportunity pass you by!”  They use words & phrases, such as ‘pre-launch, automated, auto drive, and immediate income’ (btw, some of these came right off the videos for Pre-Launch Australia!  They are THAT ridiculous!)….they tap into the human psyche…the one that is lazy, impatient, and uncommitted.  They take advantage of the ‘microwave generation’….my generation.

Pre-Launch Australia is as SHADY as Start Up Companies Come!

So I pose a question to my fellow marketers that love joining every new start up company that presents itself (Pre-Launch Australia is my case in point): Do you honestly believe it’s THAT easy?  The fact is: it’s NOT.  I’m amazed by how many people buy into the hype of these newbie companies.  Just the name itself: “Pre-Launch Australia” should be a HUGE red flag!  Come on: PRE-LAUNCH = START UP! They tell you to get in without any real specifics on who they are, or what they do!  They just create an urgency using “Pre-Launch“, so that some sorry people can rush into it thinking they will end up at the top of the food chain!

TRUTH: To earn REAL money on-line, it will take blood, sweat & tears.  You will hear criticism (sometimes from family & friends closest to you), you will feel frustrated, you will wonder if all your effort is worthwhile…and still, you will need to suck it up, and keep plugging away.  The key is to find a TRIED & TRUE business with a great compensation plan, and dedicate your time & energy to it LONG TERM to see any real results.  Did you think the men on the cover of these small business magazines made money overnight?  There may have been a few, but for the most part, these are guys have been at their craft for years…sometimes, decades.

The fact is, only 3% of marketers are making any real cash online.  The rest of them jump from start up company to start up company, and lie their faces off when people ask about their income.  I liken it to the men who go out fishing and catch a small 1 lb. fish & tell everyone else it was a 20 pounder.   With start up companies, they may see a small return on investment in the beginning, which gets their excitement level to an all time high.  Then, they run out & tell anyone & everyone about how lucrative the company is, and then the company tanks!  The founder of these companies pull a Steve Miller….they take the money & run!  So, in actuality, some of the people making the true money online, are some of marketing’s biggest crooks- the creators of start up companies!  They promise the world, make their product/company flashy & attractive to new-comers (actually, they are able to sell to the 97% who aren’t making any money), give enough payout to cause a tidal wave of new prospects, and finally they pull the rug out from under everyone.  Problem is, it is dirty money…and it will never truly prosper them.

So, Why Make the Creators of Start up Companies like Pre-Launch Australia Any Richer?!

So, what about those of us that want to make honest money?   Some of us are sick of buying into the hype, and want something that will be around for us (and our family) for the long-haul.  Here’s what I would recommend:  If you are SERIOUS about making real money online, you need to GET A MENTOR!  Find someone that is working a business online FULL-TIME & can help you find your niche.  Don’t jump into just any company.  Weigh your options, research the company/it’s owner thoroughly before joining anything!

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Pre-Launch Australia is a joke…don’t buy into the hype!  Pre-Launch Australia will have you spinning your wheels!



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Jumping from business to business. Burning out the ‘Friends & Family’ bridge. Limited success, but never reaching full potential. Does this sound familiar? It does to me. For years, I was infected with MLM ADD. I had many talents & an overload of passion, but I would quickly burnout on the latest MLM I had joined. I was always searching for something that would work ‘better.’ I’m not saying that our industry doesn’t call for change, or that we have to stick with one thing until we die, but there is a problem out there. So many marketers spend dollar after dollar looking for the latest ‘get rich quick’ program.

I don’t know if it’s age, maturity, or the scrapes that I’ve gotten along the journey (or maybe all of the above), but I now have a new outlook on marketing as a whole. What I’ve found is that there is no such thing as ‘get rich quick’ (unless maybe it’s illegal…I don’t go down that road) program. There’s no point in jumping from business to business because you’ll end up spinning your wheels. Yes, the grass looks greener on the other side…until you have to mow it. Any business you get into will have its ups & downs. It will frustrate you some days to no end. But if we quit along the way, how will we ever make it to the top? The marketers that have become financially free are not the ones that jumped from program to program. They found what worked for them & committed themselves to making it work!

Successful marketing, in my opinion, is about harnessing your zeal, focusing on a business or tool, working hard, and helping others. Trust me, I’m still a work in progress, and I have to remind myself of this daily. This is why I’ve really backed away from MLM businesses, and I’m refocusing on providing tools & training that will foster others’ success. I’m not in marketing to make a quick buck…I’m looking towards long term stability. This means pouring my knowledge into others, getting them to achieve their personal business goals, and in turn reaching my potential as a trainer. I’m looking for people who are ready to stop the MLM ADD and seriously take their business to the next level. If you fall into that category, I’d love to come alongside you in your marketing journey & allow me to help you.