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Lead Net Pro Review: What They Won't Tell You

Lead Net Pro Review: What They Won’t Tell You

Lead Net Pro Review

LEAD NET PRO: Is it an Effective Voice Broadcasting Tool?

RINGGGG! RINGGG! [Cue Answering Machine…beep!]: “Hi! Are you an internet marketer ready to make a kazillion bucks with a new, cutting edge phone broadcast system (aka Lead Net Pro)? Visit my website at”

Although I’m being slightly sarcastic here, the previous message isn’t too far fetched from the countless, annoying phone messages I receive daily for a system called Lead Net Pro. Why do I have the right to feel irritated about phone broadcasting when I am an Internet Marketer myself? I’ll let you in on the answer.

Here is a short, to the point GRIPE LIST (Cons) on Lead Net Pro that few marketers are aware of:

Lead Net Pro is a newer system with several glitches in it:

Prime example: it makes the same call to the SAME PERSON repeatedly! How do I know? Because I keep getting repeat messages within minutes of each other. In addition to that minor glitch, it also LOADS TROJAN VIRUSES onto your computer where the software is loaded onto. Why are ‘big time’ marketers pushing this system if this information is true? The almighty buck, that’s why. Many of these marketers peddling this system scum don’t even use it themselves! They have not researched it to know this, and are simply trying to get rich off of selling it to the 97% of marketers who aren’t making money!

Lead Net Pro is NOT FTC Compliant:

What does this mean to a marketer using this system? The system is calling people who aren’t even in businesses (This is ILLEGAL)!   Yikes!  This means that if you get caught making these calls, you can be fined up to $20,000 and get your IP address SHUT DOWN!  Imagine all that hard work you’ve invested into your business going down the drain!

Lead Net Pro’s company owner has an F with the Better Business Bureau:

I bought a system quite a while back from the same scammer, and he took the money & ran. This is his pattern: he gets an idea from a successful company on-line, duplicates it (a little bit cheaper version that runs poorly), sells it to get rich quickly, and then disappears altogether…with everyone’s $$$ in hand. I would not get involved in anything this man has touched…he lacks business ethic & integrity.

Lead Net Pro


Lead Net Pro is OUT….What can I use to promote my business then?

So, I’m sure after this list, you’re wondering, ‘Ok…so Lead Net Pro is out the window. What now?” Well, I did not say that all phone broadcasting systems are ineffective. In fact, I’ve been with one (IBuzz Pro) for quite a few years now, and it retired me from ‘Corporate America.’ Here are a few reasons I believe IBuzz Pro beats out competitors like Lead Net Pro:

1. It’s a Little More $, but the Return on Investment is very HIGH:
Let’s face it…you get what you pay for! Yes, IBuzz Pro is slightly more than Lead Net Pro, but it has been around 4 years, and is free of glitches! It’s been tried & true, and I’ve been able to fire my boss & stay home because of the money I’ve been getting. I have so many leads from this system that I barely have time to keep up!

2. It’s FTC Compliant:
That’s right, folks! It won’t get your IP Address shut down, it only calls fellow business people!
It’s a SAFER, LEGIT system to go with.

3. It has an A with the Better Business Bureau:
I know the owner personally, and he has dealt fairly with me, and is very professional. Do your research! IBuzz Pro has a clean reputation…and reputation is everything!

If you have any questions regarding phone broadcasting systems (like Lead Net Pro vs. IBUZZ Pro) & how you can get IBUZZ Pro to work for you, contact me @ 909.528.4079 or visit me at or

Don’t let LEAD NET PRO steer your business in the WRONG DIRECTION!

Too busy for my britches, and loving it!

Too busy for my britches, and loving it!

I find that there are too many things to do, too few hours in the day to do them (so forgive me readers, for it’s been too long since my last post). This is especially true lately because my internet business is booming! I have so many leads chasing me that I can barely keep up! I guess it’s a good thing, and I can thank the good Lord & Ibuzz Pro for that!

It’s been a couple years now since I’ve been using Ibuzz Pro & it has been the best business decision I’ve made yet! No longer do I have to rely on cold calling or buying my leads for hundreds of dollars every month (which I did for many years!). Ibuzz Pro literally retired me from corporate America & has allowed my wife to stay home with our two boys.

I believe Ibuzz Pro is one of the BEST internet marketing tools out there. It’s freed me up to actually focus on training & building a strong business team…helping others! Instead of spending so much time on the phone recruiting, I can spend more time making my recruits more successful in their businesses.

So, are you still relying on cold calls or leads? Are you exhausted chasing people to join your business? Wouldn’t it be great if in a matter of minutes, your message goes out to the masses, and people start chasing you, for a change?! If so, check out my page for more info:
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Net Extractor

Net Extractor

Tools, tools, tools! I can’t tell you how excited I get when I add a new tool to my business tool belt. Not only do tools bring more clients my way, they also make me more efficient- saving me time & money in the long run!

I’ve tested a new internet marketing tool called ‘Net Extractor.’ It’s amazing! It scrapes the phone numbers of marketers off of Backpage, Craigslist, and AdLandPro. This system provides you with each marketer’s phone number, first name, email address, and their website. It’s extremely user friendly!

I used Net Extractor this week & put it into my Ibuzz Pro System (my phone dialer that calls these people). Within 4 minutes, I got 22 leads calling me wanting to get into my business! It was effortless!

This tool comes with demo videos, and it’s only $99 (with no monthly fees). I recommend it to anyone looking to take their business to the next level! Check it out:

If you have any questions, give me a call! Mark Stephens: 909.528.4079!

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COLD CALLING. Even the phrase makes me shudder and brings back haunting memories of my car sales past. Even though I grew thick skin and began to master the art of cold calling, I still believe time is too precious to spend turning a cold call into a hot business prospect. When car sales (along with the economy) began to take a dive, I made a crucial discovery that led me out of the car business and allowed me to work for myself at home. This discovery was a little tool called IBuzz Pro.

In a nutshell, IBuzz Pro is a built-in call center that allows you to set up a campaign and reach targeted people in your own area of expertise. To set up your campaign, you record a message in your voice, copy & paste your phone numbers (leads), press a ‘Go’ button, and IBuzz Pro will make the phone calls for you. From that point, the people on the other end of the phone will have the choice to ‘press 1 for more info, or press 9 to get off the lead list.’ Within 30 minutes, you will be receiving phone calls of people interested in your company/tool.

There are three key components that make IBuzz Pro successful:

1. Leads: if you decide to get into IBuzz Pro, ask the seller a crucial question: ‘Where am I going to get my leads from?’ If you hear, ‘through the back office,’ RUN! Not to insult the company, but in my experience, the leads in the back office aren’t high quality. I’ve found another supplementary tool that provides me with unlimited leads.

2. Your Message: if you don’t have a powerful & unique message, you can use IBuzz Pro and still be wasting money. As I’ve said, IBuzz Pro is a TOOL. No, it won’t think for you. This is where your marketing training/experience will come into play. Many marketers copy the messages already being used. I’ve found this to be a waste of time. If you want to get a high return on your investment, you’re going to need to be DIFFERENT! My best advice is BE YOURSELF. Each of us has something unique to offer…we didn’t come from the same cookie cutter, so why should we pretend to be something we’re not? If you are yourself, and believe in your product, that honest passion will come through in your message.

3. FTC Compliant Leads: Make sure that the phone numbers you’re using are FTC compliant. These should be business owners you’re contacting; not residences. If you are not in compliance, you can be shut down altogether. If you need more information on this, contact me with your questions.

I cannot express how much time, energy, and stress IBuzz Pro has saved me. Let’s face it, that old saying ‘Time is Money’ is very true! If I relied on my old method of cold calling, I wouldn’t be able to afford to work from home. I’d still be spinning my wheels and seeing limited success. This tool has been a life saver & I highly recommend it to anyone interested in reviving their business.

Getting leads For MRMI Fast!