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Build Good Habits

“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, therefore,
is not an act but a habit.”. ~Aristotle

When examining our personal/business goals, it is equally important to bring our daily habits into question. What habits have we built that will aid in our success? What habits will keep us from achieving our goals? What habits do we need to develop to bring a positive change in our life?

I am amazed by how many people (fellow marketers and home based business owners) I run into that actually believe that they can get rich quick without putting in the investment of time & hard work. Many are too ‘busy’ (or too lazy) to slow down, focus on training, and work a business day in and day out. They haven’t counted the cost of what it takes to achieve their dreams.

To these people, I must pose the question: Do athletes win a race on sheer good intentions? No! They build good habits of training their bodies with daily, strenuous exercise, eating right, and staying focused on the goal. They know that the end result will require sacrifice. And yet they are determined to reach the prize because they firmly believe that it will be worth it in the end.

The same holds true for business people. When we set our goals, we should ask ourselves, ‘What is the cost? What am I going to need to sacrifice to get there? What habits will I build a day at a time to make my dreams a reality?’

Some ‘good’ habits that you should build:
1. Time management & Organization: This is something I have to daily work at. I am a people person & can get caught up in the daily phone calls to collegues each day. I’ve learned that I have to actually bulid a ‘to do list’ on my computer, so that I can visually see each task I need to complete, and see it crossed off as I go about my day. It gives me a sense of relief that I’m managing my time & getting things accomplished…I’m not just shooting in the dark. In addition, keeping appointments, and letting those that I’m on the phone with know how much time I have to talk keeps the converstaion focused and on task.

2. Watch the Company you Keep: If you hang around negative people all day, chances are you will end up having muddled, negative thinking yourself. That old saying ‘tell me who you run with and I’ll tell you who you are’ holds so much truth. I really have to limit my conversations with complainers. I make the choice to work with people who are positive, encouraging, and headed in the same direction: helping others and acheiving their goals. I don’t have time for pity parties, people who criticize, or people who simply limit themselves with small thinking. I’m careful not to share my goals/dreams with those types of people. Instead, I constantly pick the brains of those who have gone before me & found success. I ask them what they did that worked & try to implement some of their tools/tips with what I’m doing. Bottom line: if you want to fly with the eagles, don’t hang out with turkeys!

3. Make short/long term goals and reassess them as you go: Goals are definitely a road map to success. They need to be realistic, be tied to a time schedule, and be WRITTEN DOWN. The research shows that those that write down their goals are the ones that achieve more. Another important aspect of goals is reviewing them each day, reassessing whether or not the time constraints are reasonable, and adjusting your course of action based on your goals. If you aren’t getting closer to achieving, then you may need to make some changes to what you’re doing. Perhaps something you use to do worked better. It’s not always about working harder, but working SMARTER.

I’ll give you an example:
Sometimes I get out of balance when I immerse myself in learning a new internet business tool. I get so into it, that I forget the other techniques I was using to get leads/accelerate my business…the techniques that worked for me. Instead of chasing several rabbits, so to speak, you may want to focus on a few and MASTER THEM. For me, it is video marketing, doing IBuzz Pro blasts a few times a month, training those in my down line so that they can duplicate what I am donig. Master what works for you, and keep implementing it daily. If you focus, work it hard, and stay consistent, the $ will follow.

Remember, Rome wasn’t built in a day! Look at each day as an opportunity to do small, but effective things that will further your business. Don’t sit in complacency or stress out by trying to do too much at a time. Take the time to organize yourself, set/assess your goals, keep a positive mindset, and work with diligence! You will enjoy reaping the benefits of what you have sown! God bless!

Mark Stephens


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