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Start Up Company Review: Pre-Launch Australia

Start Up Company Review: Pre-Launch Australia

Don’t Buy into the Hype of Pre-Launch Australia

Pre-Launch Australia....promises a lot, but won't pay out in the END.

If you’ve been in marketing long enough, you’ve witnessed the waves of hysteria that come and go with the arrival of each new start up company: “Wanna make a 10-figure income in a matter of weeks with just a push of a button?!  Then join NOW to get in for as little as $1!  Don’t let this opportunity pass you by!”  They use words & phrases, such as ‘pre-launch, automated, auto drive, and immediate income’ (btw, some of these came right off the videos for Pre-Launch Australia!  They are THAT ridiculous!)….they tap into the human psyche…the one that is lazy, impatient, and uncommitted.  They take advantage of the ‘microwave generation’….my generation.

Pre-Launch Australia is as SHADY as Start Up Companies Come!

So I pose a question to my fellow marketers that love joining every new start up company that presents itself (Pre-Launch Australia is my case in point): Do you honestly believe it’s THAT easy?  The fact is: it’s NOT.  I’m amazed by how many people buy into the hype of these newbie companies.  Just the name itself: “Pre-Launch Australia” should be a HUGE red flag!  Come on: PRE-LAUNCH = START UP! They tell you to get in without any real specifics on who they are, or what they do!  They just create an urgency using “Pre-Launch“, so that some sorry people can rush into it thinking they will end up at the top of the food chain!

TRUTH: To earn REAL money on-line, it will take blood, sweat & tears.  You will hear criticism (sometimes from family & friends closest to you), you will feel frustrated, you will wonder if all your effort is worthwhile…and still, you will need to suck it up, and keep plugging away.  The key is to find a TRIED & TRUE business with a great compensation plan, and dedicate your time & energy to it LONG TERM to see any real results.  Did you think the men on the cover of these small business magazines made money overnight?  There may have been a few, but for the most part, these are guys have been at their craft for years…sometimes, decades.

The fact is, only 3% of marketers are making any real cash online.  The rest of them jump from start up company to start up company, and lie their faces off when people ask about their income.  I liken it to the men who go out fishing and catch a small 1 lb. fish & tell everyone else it was a 20 pounder.   With start up companies, they may see a small return on investment in the beginning, which gets their excitement level to an all time high.  Then, they run out & tell anyone & everyone about how lucrative the company is, and then the company tanks!  The founder of these companies pull a Steve Miller….they take the money & run!  So, in actuality, some of the people making the true money online, are some of marketing’s biggest crooks- the creators of start up companies!  They promise the world, make their product/company flashy & attractive to new-comers (actually, they are able to sell to the 97% who aren’t making any money), give enough payout to cause a tidal wave of new prospects, and finally they pull the rug out from under everyone.  Problem is, it is dirty money…and it will never truly prosper them.

So, Why Make the Creators of Start up Companies like Pre-Launch Australia Any Richer?!

So, what about those of us that want to make honest money?   Some of us are sick of buying into the hype, and want something that will be around for us (and our family) for the long-haul.  Here’s what I would recommend:  If you are SERIOUS about making real money online, you need to GET A MENTOR!  Find someone that is working a business online FULL-TIME & can help you find your niche.  Don’t jump into just any company.  Weigh your options, research the company/it’s owner thoroughly before joining anything!

Check out my free mentorship company:

OR click on my video: Start Up Hype

Pre-Launch Australia is a joke…don’t buy into the hype!  Pre-Launch Australia will have you spinning your wheels!

Closing Sales Techniques- Overcoming Objections

Closing Sales Techniques- Overcoming Objections

closing sales

Closing Sales: Lifeblood to Your Business

Overcoming Objections: 1 Step Closer to Closing Sales:

Being in the car sales business was always a love/hate scenario for me.  Although sales just seems to run in my blood, I despised the pressure & sales meetings that were (at times) downright scary!  You were asked point blank if you met your sales quota for the week, and if you didn’t, you better be prepared with a reason as to why & how you were going to reach your goal before the next week.  At times, there was a lot of sweat, vain popping, and nervous knee shaking that filled the room.  It felt like being in a pressure cooker!  Thankfully, there is always something positive to come away with from every situation I encounter in life.  If it weren’t for my car sales experience, I might never have learned an important part of closing sales: OVERCOMING OBJECTIONS!

If you’ve never been in sales before, you might be scratching your head wondering what I mean by ‘objections.’  I would define an objection as ‘an excuse a misinformed individual (sales lead, in this case) would make to escape the sale.’  Fortunately, in the car sales industry, they spend countless hours training me on how to overcome such an objection.  One important tip I learned from these teachings is that objections aren’t necessarily bad.  In fact, if you tune your listening ear to read beyond the surface of the objections, you will find that the customer is actually helping you qualify or disqualify themselves.  They are telling you whether or not it would be worth your time & energy to work with them.   Not to be mean, but some people have a mindset and will that you simply cannot change.  It is up to you to be able to separate the wheat from the chaff, so to speak.  Interpreting the objection will take practice, but will aid you closing your sales….which is just the beginning!  It will help you build a lifelong business with quality colleagues!

Closing Sales: Read In Between the Lines

Here are some of the most common objections (detours while closing sales) I hear when dealing with prospective customers on the phone:

*Objection #1: “Before I take a look at your website, how much is it (your product or business opportunity)?”

How to overcome: NEVER give them a price before you’ve built VALUE.  If you give in to this, and lead off with a price, you will most likely lose the sale!  Instead, redirect your prospect with a laugh: “It’s under a million dollars….ahahahaha!”  Once they are off the price, refocus them on visiting your website.  Reassure them that it is affordable, and that you would like them to become more informed.  If they insist on knowing the price after this, they may not be ready to join in your opportunity.  Those are usually the type of people that are looking to make a quick buck, and aren’t willing to invest in themselves, their eduction, or helping others.  Remember, you want to work with people that are willing to follow directions (and you should have directed them to a website & given them direction on the next step to get started).

*Objection #2: “Ummm….I need to talk to my wife/partner first.”  Granted, I believe in clear communication between spouses, but this line is overused as a way of escape!

How to overcome: “Hey Joe (or whatever their name is), I can respect that, but can I ask you a question….Do you want to seriously move forward, or are you just not interested.  Please just let me know because I’d hate to waste my time and yours.”  If they assure you they ARE interested, pin them down with an appointment within 24 hours.  If they admit that they really AREN’T interested, move on & wish them well.  Your time is too precious to try to force someone into an opportunity.   Don’t be desperate, take it as a red flag that it is a dead lead & go on to the next prospect.

*Objection #3: “I just don’t know.  How much money are YOU making, Mark?”

Just a few side notes on this one:  First, this is a rude comment made out of ignorance.  Sometimes people forget & just blurt out the first thing that comes to mind.  Would you really start a conversation with someone & randomly ask how much they make?  Not likely.  It’s really not their business, but handle this one with care.  This may be a red flag of someone that is looking to get rich quick.  It also is a sign that they may not be able to make a decision themselves & they want you to lead them into making a choice.  It could possibly mean that they are a business jumper….one that jumps from business to business & never focuses on/works one business.  However, before you decide they are a person to avoid, you might want to test them further.

How to overcome: “I’m on my way to making 6 figures (this is not a lie…if you are diligently working towards this goal, you ARE on your way to making this kind of cash), but  it’s not about what I am making, it’s about how much money you can make!”  Again, redirect them to your website, get them informed, and then you will see if they are serious about investing in your product/business.

Closing Sales Takes Practice & Patience…Don’t Get Discouraged!

To sum it up, if you are serious about building your own business, you have to realize that objections come with the territory.  Not everyone will like you, or your product, or will say ‘YES’ to the opportunity you are proposing.  However, you can’t let that effect you personally.  You need to keep in mind that objections can be useful & enlightening when considering the type of people you want to work with.  Listen intently to the objections, try to overcome them if possible, and if you cannot break down the objection, don’t be afraid to let go of the lead.

You’ve heard it said before, ABC = Always Be Closing…this is a brilliant idea!  I have an even better suggestion, ABH = Always Be Helping.  You are in your business to make money, obviously.  MORE IMPORTANTLY, you are in your business to help others!  It’s not just about the dollar…that is just the icing on the cake.  Imagine: You have the power to help others help themselves!  Your business opportunity/product may be just the thing they’ve been looking for!  Granted, there are some that don’t want to be helped…but by understanding objectives, and navigating around them, you will be able to find the few that DO want to be helped.  Those are the ones you want to inform so that they can make a positive decision for their business future.

If you have any questions about closing sales, please give me a call at 909.528.4079, or visit me at

Closing sales is the lifeblood of your business!

Build Good Habits

Build Good Habits

“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, therefore,
is not an act but a habit.”. ~Aristotle

When examining our personal/business goals, it is equally important to bring our daily habits into question. What habits have we built that will aid in our success? What habits will keep us from achieving our goals? What habits do we need to develop to bring a positive change in our life?

I am amazed by how many people (fellow marketers and home based business owners) I run into that actually believe that they can get rich quick without putting in the investment of time & hard work. Many are too ‘busy’ (or too lazy) to slow down, focus on training, and work a business day in and day out. They haven’t counted the cost of what it takes to achieve their dreams.

To these people, I must pose the question: Do athletes win a race on sheer good intentions? No! They build good habits of training their bodies with daily, strenuous exercise, eating right, and staying focused on the goal. They know that the end result will require sacrifice. And yet they are determined to reach the prize because they firmly believe that it will be worth it in the end.

The same holds true for business people. When we set our goals, we should ask ourselves, ‘What is the cost? What am I going to need to sacrifice to get there? What habits will I build a day at a time to make my dreams a reality?’

Some ‘good’ habits that you should build:
1. Time management & Organization: This is something I have to daily work at. I am a people person & can get caught up in the daily phone calls to collegues each day. I’ve learned that I have to actually bulid a ‘to do list’ on my computer, so that I can visually see each task I need to complete, and see it crossed off as I go about my day. It gives me a sense of relief that I’m managing my time & getting things accomplished…I’m not just shooting in the dark. In addition, keeping appointments, and letting those that I’m on the phone with know how much time I have to talk keeps the converstaion focused and on task.

2. Watch the Company you Keep: If you hang around negative people all day, chances are you will end up having muddled, negative thinking yourself. That old saying ‘tell me who you run with and I’ll tell you who you are’ holds so much truth. I really have to limit my conversations with complainers. I make the choice to work with people who are positive, encouraging, and headed in the same direction: helping others and acheiving their goals. I don’t have time for pity parties, people who criticize, or people who simply limit themselves with small thinking. I’m careful not to share my goals/dreams with those types of people. Instead, I constantly pick the brains of those who have gone before me & found success. I ask them what they did that worked & try to implement some of their tools/tips with what I’m doing. Bottom line: if you want to fly with the eagles, don’t hang out with turkeys!

3. Make short/long term goals and reassess them as you go: Goals are definitely a road map to success. They need to be realistic, be tied to a time schedule, and be WRITTEN DOWN. The research shows that those that write down their goals are the ones that achieve more. Another important aspect of goals is reviewing them each day, reassessing whether or not the time constraints are reasonable, and adjusting your course of action based on your goals. If you aren’t getting closer to achieving, then you may need to make some changes to what you’re doing. Perhaps something you use to do worked better. It’s not always about working harder, but working SMARTER.

I’ll give you an example:
Sometimes I get out of balance when I immerse myself in learning a new internet business tool. I get so into it, that I forget the other techniques I was using to get leads/accelerate my business…the techniques that worked for me. Instead of chasing several rabbits, so to speak, you may want to focus on a few and MASTER THEM. For me, it is video marketing, doing IBuzz Pro blasts a few times a month, training those in my down line so that they can duplicate what I am donig. Master what works for you, and keep implementing it daily. If you focus, work it hard, and stay consistent, the $ will follow.

Remember, Rome wasn’t built in a day! Look at each day as an opportunity to do small, but effective things that will further your business. Don’t sit in complacency or stress out by trying to do too much at a time. Take the time to organize yourself, set/assess your goals, keep a positive mindset, and work with diligence! You will enjoy reaping the benefits of what you have sown! God bless!

Mark Stephens



Have you ever been plugging away, finding success in your daily profession, and then turn around to find yourself in a slump? Well, this past week was one of those type of weeks for me…I was definitely stuck in a slump. It seems I was unorganized, frazzled, impatient, and just disheartened. My work frustration trickled down into my family relationships, and I found I wasn’t being a good communicator or patient husband/father that I usually strive to be. I wondered what was off…how could I work so much and find such limited results in one week?!

Starting fresh this week, I went back to my morning routine of prayer/meditation on God’s word. I analyzed what I was doing before that was working so well for me before this past week of complete insanity. Then I pulled out one of my tried & true favorites: “Zig Ziglar on Selling.’

If you are in the sales industry (or any industry…come to think of it), and have never had the honor of reading up on Mr. Zig Ziglar, you need to stop reading my blog, go to the nearest library, and check him out! The man is a wealth of information, and inspires me to the core. I can literally read his book over & over, and come away with a complete epiphany each time.

Let me quote Zig on what he calls ‘A Fact of Life’:

“One of the basic truisms of selling is that “slumps” will occur. You are going to hit those plateaus where nothing seems to work very well personally or professionally….Inevitably, those that slump get away from the basics…I have discovered the surefire way to end the slump: RETURN TO FUNDAMENTALS WITH THE PROPER ATTITUDE.
The primary reason we stay in a slump is a failure to be willing to return to the fundamentals. Basically speaking, we get caught in a rut, and as many of you know, a rut is nothing but a grave with the ends kicked out! It is one thing to get in a rut, but it is an entirely different thing to STAY in a rut…(Ziglar on Selling, Pg. 29)”

Like I said, I read this book more than once, and it was still a complete eye opener. What am I good at? What was I focusing on before that helped me see results? For me personally, it was video marketing and the utilization of Ibuzz pro that retired me from Corporate America. I always enjoy venturing off and learning new, cutting edge technology that will help me in my business, but what has happened is that I have ventured so far off that I lost the ‘basics’ of my business. I’ve been chasing after too many rabbits (so to speak), and am having trouble catching any! So, I’m going back to my old techniques that worked for me in the past & am going to manage my time so that my research of other tools doesn’t interfere with the process that works for me.

Like Zig said, it’s one thing to get caught in a rut…we all do that from time to time. It’s staying in the rut that is dangerous! I’m glad my rut was short lived & only lasted a week! I’m so thankful that this is the start of a new week…one I feel will be filled with successes, organization (yes, I cleaned out my office:)…my Sunday ritual), and a clear head! In a nutshell, if there is any advice I can pass along, it is this: If you find yourself currently in a slump, don’t worry! Get up, dust yourself off, and GO BACK TO THE BASICS!

‘See you at the TOP!’ 🙂
Mark Stephens

Making $ On-line: Step 1- Overcome Fear!

Making $ On-line: Step 1- Overcome Fear!

Whether you think you can or think you can’t, you’re right. -Henry Ford

Retiring from ‘Corporate America’ and embarking on the new adventure of self-employment was literally a step of faith. The car business was heading down the tubes fast, and I knew that if I didn’t find a Plan B quickly, I was headed down the same direction. I thank God that he gave me the courage to head home one day after work to seek out a fresh opportunity. I knew absolutely nothing about running a business on-line (I barely learned how to send an e-mail a few years earlier), but I knew in my heart that if I put my mind to it, had faith, and worked it hard…my life would change for the better. Now that I’ve been working from home for a few years now, and giving my wife the opportunity to stay home with our children, I can honestly say it was all worth it!

So what was my first step in becoming a successful, happily self-employed, internet marketer? OVERCOMING FEAR. I had grown up believing that going to school, getting a job, and paying my bills was all that there was to life. Status quo. It was that simple. In comes the recession…and it blew that theory all to pieces. Left and right, people were getting laid off, losing their homes, becoming overcome by fear.

Sadly, many of these fearful souls are calling me, asking for a solution…a Plan B. I tell them that they have to be willing to work hard, commit to a plan, be trainable. Many times, I hear all the right answers…about their zeal, excitement, and promised dedication. I want to believe, for their benefit, that they are sincere, and at the time, they seemingly are.

So what happened when they stop calling, they drop out of the business, disconnect with the team training? FEAR. It’s most often the culprit. They weren’t seeing results ‘fast enough’, they talked to their spouse who encouraged them to just look for another paycheck to paycheck job, they gave up their dreams of a new life.

I wish I could save these people from their fears, but unfortunately, you can’t save them all…as much as you try. I am here to help the ones that are willing to help themselves first. I’m finding that many of the ones that are unable to help themselves suffer a poverty mentality…what I call ‘Top Ramen Mentality.’ They are the ones that work very quietly for their money, they tiptoe through life fearing if there will be enough money to pay the bare minimum bills for the upcoming month, and they feel trapped in their job. They make short sighted decisions with their money because fear drives their purchases. They work for money, rather than letting their money work for them. Why do they feel caged in a job they hate? They fear that if they let go of it & try something new, they might fail. They are fearful of taking risks. They are fearful of doing something different then what their own parents did. Fear…fear…fear.

So how do you end the cycle of FEAR? The answer is ‘CHANGE YOUR MINDSET!’ Stop hanging out with individuals who have no goals, constantly complain, yet don’t do anything to change their circumstances. Seek out wisdom from people who are succeeding on their own (my book this month is ‘Rich Dad Poor Dad’…what a wealth of information! I’m reading it for a second time & still finding golden nuggets! The Bible has always been a constant read for me…Proverbs it all up!). Find a team that will aid in your success, train you in on-line marketing, and be a source of encouragement & direction (like my 5k Inner Circle Team…we are here to help SERIOUS marketers who are willing to rise above fear). We must change our thinking & BELIEVE we can rise to new heights. Believing is the first step, after that, it’s the putting faith into action that will bring change.

If you are coachable, are ready to take a leap of faith and work for yourself, and are looking for a mentor on-line, give me a call…Mark Stephens 909.528.4079. Visit May God give you the courage to take the first step!

Lead Net Pro Review: What They Won't Tell You

Lead Net Pro Review: What They Won’t Tell You

Lead Net Pro Review

LEAD NET PRO: Is it an Effective Voice Broadcasting Tool?

RINGGGG! RINGGG! [Cue Answering Machine…beep!]: “Hi! Are you an internet marketer ready to make a kazillion bucks with a new, cutting edge phone broadcast system (aka Lead Net Pro)? Visit my website at”

Although I’m being slightly sarcastic here, the previous message isn’t too far fetched from the countless, annoying phone messages I receive daily for a system called Lead Net Pro. Why do I have the right to feel irritated about phone broadcasting when I am an Internet Marketer myself? I’ll let you in on the answer.

Here is a short, to the point GRIPE LIST (Cons) on Lead Net Pro that few marketers are aware of:

Lead Net Pro is a newer system with several glitches in it:

Prime example: it makes the same call to the SAME PERSON repeatedly! How do I know? Because I keep getting repeat messages within minutes of each other. In addition to that minor glitch, it also LOADS TROJAN VIRUSES onto your computer where the software is loaded onto. Why are ‘big time’ marketers pushing this system if this information is true? The almighty buck, that’s why. Many of these marketers peddling this system scum don’t even use it themselves! They have not researched it to know this, and are simply trying to get rich off of selling it to the 97% of marketers who aren’t making money!

Lead Net Pro is NOT FTC Compliant:

What does this mean to a marketer using this system? The system is calling people who aren’t even in businesses (This is ILLEGAL)!   Yikes!  This means that if you get caught making these calls, you can be fined up to $20,000 and get your IP address SHUT DOWN!  Imagine all that hard work you’ve invested into your business going down the drain!

Lead Net Pro’s company owner has an F with the Better Business Bureau:

I bought a system quite a while back from the same scammer, and he took the money & ran. This is his pattern: he gets an idea from a successful company on-line, duplicates it (a little bit cheaper version that runs poorly), sells it to get rich quickly, and then disappears altogether…with everyone’s $$$ in hand. I would not get involved in anything this man has touched…he lacks business ethic & integrity.

Lead Net Pro


Lead Net Pro is OUT….What can I use to promote my business then?

So, I’m sure after this list, you’re wondering, ‘Ok…so Lead Net Pro is out the window. What now?” Well, I did not say that all phone broadcasting systems are ineffective. In fact, I’ve been with one (IBuzz Pro) for quite a few years now, and it retired me from ‘Corporate America.’ Here are a few reasons I believe IBuzz Pro beats out competitors like Lead Net Pro:

1. It’s a Little More $, but the Return on Investment is very HIGH:
Let’s face it…you get what you pay for! Yes, IBuzz Pro is slightly more than Lead Net Pro, but it has been around 4 years, and is free of glitches! It’s been tried & true, and I’ve been able to fire my boss & stay home because of the money I’ve been getting. I have so many leads from this system that I barely have time to keep up!

2. It’s FTC Compliant:
That’s right, folks! It won’t get your IP Address shut down, it only calls fellow business people!
It’s a SAFER, LEGIT system to go with.

3. It has an A with the Better Business Bureau:
I know the owner personally, and he has dealt fairly with me, and is very professional. Do your research! IBuzz Pro has a clean reputation…and reputation is everything!

If you have any questions regarding phone broadcasting systems (like Lead Net Pro vs. IBUZZ Pro) & how you can get IBUZZ Pro to work for you, contact me @ 909.528.4079 or visit me at or

Don’t let LEAD NET PRO steer your business in the WRONG DIRECTION!

Some Business Advice to Live By

Some Business Advice to Live By

‘If your thinking is sloppy, your business will be sloppy. If you are disorganized, your business will be disorganized. If you are greedy, your empoyees will be greedy, giving you less and less of themselves and always asking for more.’
Michael Gerber

This quote is incredibly powerful…so much wisdom wrapped in such a small package! If we payed attention to these 3 key elements highlighted in this short text, our business lives would change for the better! So what are three areas Mr. Gerber so eloquently touched on?

1. Mind Set- “If your thinking is sloppy, your business will be sloppy…”- Do you start your day without a plan of action or goal in mind? I know from listening to Zig Zigglar & some major hitters in the marketing world, that WRITING OUT your list of goals is a must! In fact, I encourage others I work with to not only write out their goals, but also to post them on a mirror, verbalize them, visualize them in your mind. Our mind is our worst enemy! We need to train it & make sure we start each day on a positive foot. I like to come into my day in prayer & meditation on God’s Word as well…bringing my mind into submission. It gives me a completely different outlook when I transform my mind.

Are you surrounding yourself with positive people? That’s another downfall people run into. I talk to a number of people on the phone that have a passion & a zeal to learn how to market online with my team, who later fall off the face of the earth. They stop returning my calls & I later find out that their passion fizzled, and they decided to drop out. What happened along the way? I can pretty much guess they shared their excitement with someone close to them who brought their zeal to a halt with a little bit of negativity. Guard who you share business ideas with & make sure you keep positive company!

2. Get Organized- “If you are disorganized, your business will be disorganized…”- Organization is not my strongest suit, I must admit. I am great at writing out my goals & reaching new levels as a visionary/entrepreneur. However, organization has been a learning curve. I am seeing the fruits of coming into my day with a well-developed plan though. I think one of the most practical & focusing activities of my day is sitting down & making a To-Do List & following it through. I’m still learning, but I know organization is something I will always strive for…to make my business more and more successful & efficient.

3. Don’t Let $$$ Rule You- “If you are greedy, your employees will be greedy, giving you less and less of themselves, and always asking for more.” I can really relate to this part of Mr. Gerber’s quote. I’ve seen greed steal so much joy & success from potentially great businesses. It’s very important to live each day with an attitude of gratitude & to remember that your #1 goal is to HELP OTHERS. If you make it about yourself, or your pocketbook, you will never be satisfied. The old saying, ‘He who loves money will never have enough’ is so true! If all you care about in business is the dollar, that show through in your actions towards others. In turn, those under you will have the same attitude & it will end up being an endless cycle of using others. Remember that you only keep that which you give away.

5K Inner Circle: Taking it to the NEXT LEVEL

5K Inner Circle: Taking it to the NEXT LEVEL

EXCITING NEWS!!! Team Mark and Jerry are taking it to the next level! For those of you that are familiar with us & have joined us on our weekly team calls (Tues. nights 6 pm Pacific/ 9pm Eastern), you know our dedication to serve marketers. We have been providing training to business owners on how to market on-line, how to dominate the search engines, how to close sales, etc.

We now are going one step further & are closing people’s sales for them! What other on-line marketing team will do that for you? This is cutting edge! If you’re interested, check us out at:

When All Else Fails: Persevere!

When All Else Fails: Persevere!

‘Many historians feel that one of Winston Churchill’s greatest speeches was given at the graduation ceremony at Oxford University. He had worked on the speech for hours. When the moment finally came, Churchill stood up to the cheering crowd, and in a strong, clear voice shouted just three words, “NEVER GIVE UP!” He paused a few seconds and then shouted the words again, “NEVER GIVE UP!” He then reached for his hat and slowly walked off the podium, satisfied that he had told the graduates the messages they needed to succeed.’
-Michele Borba, Ed.D.

Perseverance. That’s the character trait my son is currently learning in his Karate class…the character trait of a Black Belt. Of course, he just started out at the bottom with a white belt, so perseverance is something he’s going to need to develop as he longs to become a ‘Master.’ I love his enthusiasm, and hope that the journey along the way will leave him with a satisfaction that he reached his goal. It’s going to take a lot of work…perhaps some good ol’ blood, sweat, and tears. It’s going to take some diligence. But anything worth while is worth working towards.

The same holds true for business. I see so much excitement from newcomers joining into the latest ‘MLM’ or home based business opportunity, but down the road wonder what happened to them along the way. Their passion fizzled out…or worse, they burned out (or on some occasions, they joined a corrupt start up company that took their money & ran). They try to jump from business to business hoping to find the ‘best fit.’

Funny thing is, sometimes the best opportunity for us is the one staring us in the face. It’s the one that we get into, but don’t stay in long enough to build. Business Success (or any for that matter) takes time…and a lot of effort. There will be bumps along the road…people who promised to work alongside us will burn out & drop out. Will we jump ship at the slightest sight of opposition or feeling of doubt? Or will we keep on working it, giving it our personal best, even when we’ve reached exhaustion?

Christopher Morley said it best: ‎’The big shots are only the little shots who keep shooting.’

Read that again. Let it sink in.

The great leaders of our industry did not know everything. They did not have superhero powers. They did not have all the goods…they simply did the best with what they had and they PERSEVERED! NEVER GIVE UP!

Get up daily with an attitude of gratitude (I start my day in prayer & meditation on God’s Word). Say aloud to yourself, “I CAN do this!” Find a mentor who will inspire you to go the distance! And when you feel like you can’t give anymore, GET UP and do it again!

If you’d like to get off the fence, and start working towards your financial/career dream, join Team Mark and Jerry…we are a group of COMMITTED marketers who will help you succeed. OR give me a call: Mark Stephens 909.528.4079.

Mentorship in Marketing

Mentorship in Marketing

Mentorship in Marketing: Do You Have a Mentor?

‘A wise man will hear & increase in learning,
And a man of understanding will attain wise counsel.’ ~Proverbs 1:5

If there’s one thing I’ve learned in life & my career, it’s that having a mentor is crucial to one’s success. How are you going to learn & grow if you don’t have someone to gain wisdom from? Along my journey, I’ve found several people that have acted as a mentor in one way or another (sometimes even when they were unaware of it). In marketing, I’ve gained a wealth of wisdom from individuals such as Stephen Pierce, my good friend, Ivan Harris, and my business partner, Jerry Maurer. We all have different strengths, talents, and experiences that we share & draw from each other.

Mentoring in Marketing: So how do you find a good mentor?


The Right Mentor Will Inspire You!

I have narrowed down 4 key components that make up a great trainer:

1. Find someone who won’t put you in the ‘Witness Protection Program.‘ What I mean by this is, be cautious of self-proclaimed ‘gurus’ on the internet who want nothing more than to take your $ and run! I’ve been there, done that. When you have someone pursuing you to close the sale, and then you don’t hear from them (or have trouble contacting them), you know that is NOT a quality mentor. They are more concerned with selfish gain, than with aiding you in your own success. Stay away! Research, research, research each mentor you’re considering & go with the one that has the most ‘added value’- according to who they’ve helped.

2. Find someone with a COMPATIBLE PERSONALITY. Not everyone jives, or has the same outlook on life. Even if a trainer has a wealth of information, if you’re not on the same page as them (personality wise), it’s not going to work. With Team Mark & Jerry, there are some team members who feel more comfortable working closely with Jerry than myself…and visa versa. Do I take offense that they prefer Jerry in some cases? No! I encourage people to find a trainer/mentor who fits their own personality. There’s nothing worse than trying to work with a person that you bump heads with!

3. Find a Mentor who will invest at least 2 hours a week into helping you succeed! Is this mentor you’re considering too busy to meet with you weekly (via phone, internet, or whatever means necessary)? If the answer is yes, save your money! It’s crucial that you have a mentor who can evaluate where you are in your learning, encourage and train you in your weakest areas, and keep you accountable on your progress & goals. That is what good teachers do! They don’t simply take your $, throw out information, & move on without checking back to see if you’re succeeding!

4. Find a Marketing Mentor who knows how & can teach you how to DOMINATE the Search Engines & BRAND YOURSELF! With business today, internet marketing is the way to make $$$. It is crucial to learn how to get on top of the Search Engines (Yahoo, Google, YouTube, etc…). You want to know how to brand yourself in your industry if you want to take your business to the next level!

Mentorship in Marketing: Are You Ready?

Now that we’ve touched on finding a mentor, let’s focus on YOU. After all, it takes 2 to Tango! You can’t expect a mentor to do all the work! Success is also going to be based on what you DO with the information you’ve learned! Here are 3 questions you need to ask yourself:

1. Are you TEACHABLE? So many people will defensively answer ‘yes.’ Take the time to really think this through. Are you humble enough to admit that you need help? Are you willing to absorb new information from someone who has already traveled the road you’re on? This may seem like a no-brainer to you, but I cannot tell you how many times I’ve listened to those I’m training, and told them what adjustments they need to make, only to hear, ‘I don’t know…I like doing it this way instead.’ Really? If you already have attained success in your business, why did you call me? I’ve learned that I can only help those who genuinely WANT to helped. They have to be willing to step out of their comfort zones, and follow the instructions I give.

2. Are you ready to TAKE ACTION? Sam Ewig said it best when he stated, ‘Hard work spotlights the character of people: some turn up their sleeves, some turn up their noses, and some don’t turn up at all.’ You cannot take information and then refuse to put it into action. Building a successful business does NOT happen overnight & it will take a lot of energy and hard work. You have to decide whether you are just going to talk the talk, or if your willing to WALK THE WALK!

3. Are you DISCIPLINED? In MLM businesses, I run into countless individuals who jump from business to business. In fact, I get exhausted listening to so many new pitches daily…people wanting to recruit me into their ‘new, cutting edge opportunity.’ How will you ever know if something works, if you only put it into action for a short time? Again, you can’t have the ‘get rich quick’ mentality & expect everything to come easily to you. There are times you are going to feel exhausted, intimidated, doubtful, emotional…the list goes on and on! You have to be determined to stay the course & reap the long term benefits. Remember what Aristotle declared: ‘We are what we REPEATEDLY DO. Excellence then, is not an act but a HABIT.’

In a nutshell, marketing in this economy is not a small task. If you want to bring your business to the peak of success, you must find mentors to help you along the way…people who are willing to walk alongside you & train you in your business. In turn, you must be teachable, put your learning to action, and be disciplined to follow through repeatedly.

If you are interested in a team of Internet Marketing Mentors, check out my websites: God bless you!

Mark Stephens, Marketing Mentor

Marketing Your Business

5K Inner Circle: On-Line Marketing Training!

5K Inner Circle: On-Line Marketing Training!

Andrew Carnegie said it best when he declared, “Teamwork is the ability to work together toward a common vision. The ability to direct individual accomplishments toward organizational objectives. It is the fuel that allows common people to attain uncommon results.”

I believe the same is true, even when you work for yourself from home. We all benefit from being apart of a team that inspires, encourages, mentors, and keeps us accountable. In fact, if we become an island to ourselves, and forsake the accountability/input of others, we’re setting ourselves up for failure. Working alone in isolation can cause our passion for what we do each day to fizzle! We need others who are motivated, positive, who we can learn from, and who are on the same journey. This is why Jerry Maurer & I created the ‘5K Inner Circle.’

What is the 5K Inner Circle? It’s a team of highly motivated on-line marketers who will train you on how to close your sales & teach you different marketing techniques to bring YOUR business to the next level. We are looking for marketers who are willing to learn, put training into action, are committed (do not jump from program to program), and positive!

Are you ready to join the circle of trust? Visit our website at: or give me a call: Mark Stephens 909.748.5705.

Job Opportunities in a Recession

Job Opportunities in a Recession

“Go to college to get a better job!” That was the mentality 10-15 years ago. A college degree was worth its weight in gold. Unfortunately, this recession has made it difficult for even college grads to find opportunities (as evidenced in the video above). So what’s the Plan B?

I’ve found my Plan B. It came rather unexpected, but I’ve found that internet based businesses are booming! In fact, I’m starting to accumulate a steady residual income from my on-line business. My wife (who worked full time in education) is able to stay home with my children & we are able to afford a decent life!

So did I get a college degree for this? The answer is NO. Although I do support education & knowledge (I married a school teacher & fully encourage my boys to learn as much as possible), I do not believe a college education is the only way to succeed (especially in this economy!). I did graduate from high school & took a few community college classes, but my knowledge of the internet business world came solely through experience & training through mentors like Stephen Pierce.

If you asked me 5 years ago whether I could make a living off the internet, I would have laughed! I didn’t even know how to send an email or surf the internet back then! I researched, spent many hours learning technology, and kept plugging away. I thank God that He opened the doors for me because it has literally changed my life! I love working for myself & I enjoy helping others find their niche on-line as well.

If you’re tired of limited opportunities in the job world, I encourage you to look into earning from home via the internet. If you’d like to join a team of dedicated marketers who will aid you in your success, check out: ,, OR

Time with Family: Make it a Priority

Time with Family: Make it a Priority

Many people ask me if it’s stressful working for myself. After all, if you have a regular J.O.B. (I call it ‘Just Over Broke), you can enjoy a ‘dependable’ paycheck (which isn’t as stable as it once was in this economy), benefits package, less stress dealing with your own taxes/paperwork. However, being my own boss has several benefits too: never having anyone micromanage me, having limitless earning potential, no commuting time, flexible hours, etc. I know being self-employed is not for everyone, but it definitely is worth it for me. I would say that the greatest benefit has been being able to spend time with my family.

Gone are the days of working from morning until 10 pm! I was in the car industry before working from home, so long hours was part of the deal. My poor son (who was between the ages of 6 months to two years) hardly ever saw me, except for my days off. My wife also worked full-time & we were like two ships passing in the night. I knew there must be something better! This is what sparked my interest in working from home, and now that I am self-employed full time, I am so thankful that I took the plunge to do so.

As a home based business owner, I now have the flexibility to have lunch & dinner with my family, play baseball with my oldest son daily, pray for my little ones & tuck them into bed at night, and relax with my wife in the evenings. This has been such a blessing to my family & I. There’s no amount of money that can compare to TIME…the memories we’ve built will last a lifetime.

Take a moment to ponder: what would our world be like if each person had the same opportunity to spend quality time each day with their own family? Well, I can tell you what research says about families who just share at least one meal together daily. Included in the lists of benefits are children who are healthier, learn better manners, are less destructive, are better communicators, are more successful in school, are more self-sufficient. The list goes on & on!

So, although I may have added responsibilities working for myself, I would say that the family time is well worth it. If I make my family a priority, my boys may grow up to be healthier, more successful adults. The way I see it, no J.O.B. is ever more valuable than the time away from my loved ones that I will never get back. My advice to everyone is make your family a priority…you’ll never regret it.

 Customer Service

Customer Service

Is it just me, or does it seem like today’s ‘Customer Service’ lacks the focus on…well, customers? This is evident to me every time I have to contact my phone campany’s Customer Service line. I am told “We are sorry, but because of the large volume of phone calls received, your wait time to speak to a representative is 1 billion minutes.” Then, I get the pleasure of listening to whatever random elevator music they have, while trying to stay positive about losing out on precious business time. Once I reach an actual human on the other line, I am then transferred because it’s not the ‘right department.’ On some occasions, I’m even cut off from a mishap during the transferring, and the cycle starts all over again.

Thankfully, nothing goes to waste if you just look at every situation as a lesson to be learned. The lesson I’ve learned is that Customer Service is key to building a solid business! My desire is that my customers will look back and remember a positive feeling after having worked with me. I hope they feel more like an individual than a number in line.

So, how do you provide great customer service? For starters, don’t pass the buck when someone needs help! It’s ok sometimes to say, “I’m not sure about that, but I will give you a call (give them a time & day) after I do some research on that.” Don’t just leave it at that. Go, do your homework, find the best way to help your customer, and FOLLOW UP on it! Call them when you said you would…don’t be a flake! Your word & action will build your reputation…and a good reputation is to be valued above wealth!

Another simple way to better your customer service is to shift your frame of mind! Each day, remind yourself that your purpose for business is to HELP OTHERS. Don’t look at people like a dollar sign or an irritating obstacle. Remember that your business would not exist without the people you’re serving! Simply go by The Golden Rule…it’s simple, but very wise. Treat others the way YOU want to be treated…you can’t go wrong.

In addition, I believe customers appreciate simple guestures, such as a phone call to check in & see how they are doing. Use that opportunity to show that you didn’t just put them in a ‘sign up club,’ but that you remember them, are willing to train them, and are thankful for them. Since I have been very busy training, I have a wonderful marketing friend that is doing follow-up for Team Mark & Jerry…his name is Ivan Harris. Ivan is a jewel & his personal phone calls to my customers have built so much value to my business. I cannot express how important follow-up is!

Thank you cards also leave a lasting impression. Remember, people may not remember what you say, but they will remember the way you made them feel. My business partner, Jerry Maurer, sent me a personalized thank you card with a picture of his beautiful family months ago, but I still remember thinking, “Wow! How awesome that he took the time to brighten my day!” Remember to slow down & take a few minutes to uplift those who you serve.

To sum it up, GOOD Customer Service is what this world needs! Are you serving others and treating them as valued clients, or do you simply look at them as cash in your pocketbook? Make it a priority to answer their questions, follow up on their progress, and show them that they are valuable. It will bring your business to a whole new level!

NO Quitters Allowed!

NO Quitters Allowed!

Passion and zeal followed by burn out and complacency. I see it all the time as an internet marketer. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve built a connection with someone, trained them, given them to tools to find success…only to see them quit in the end. It seems the ones that do the most talking about what they’re going to do, end up being the first to throw in the towel! All their plans, aspirations, talk, and excitement evaporated at the thought of daily dedication to the tasks.

As a trainer, it’s disheartening to run into so many people that give up. Is this an entire generation of people who lack commitment, discipline and endurance? It’s as if those that believed in the power of their word have been replaced by flakes!

Which is what brings me to my new mantra: ‘NO QUITTERS ALLOWED.’ That’s right…if you are going to be a quitter, I don’t want your business. In fact, if you jump from business to business, you might as well stop reading here because I’m not going to invest in you. Go back to your day job & be a slave to ‘The Man.’ I don’t have the energy to waste training a quitter. The few pennies I would gain in signing you into a company and mentoring you are nothing in comparison with the hours I would throw away teaching a bump on a log. Time is $!

I’m looking for the rare diamonds in the rough. The ones who not only say with a passion that they want a change, but those who are willing to put change into motion! How? By taking the training I provide, and daily practicing it!

Are you willing to take your business to the next level? Are you interested in joining a DEDICATED team of internet marketers who will come alongside you & aid you in your success? If so, it’s gonna take a lot of stick-to-it-ness. Sometimes you might feel out of your comfort zone, challenged, or tired, but I guarantee that you’ll grow leaps and bounds if you never give up!

Check out my team of committed marketers: We have marketing training every Tues. night @ 6pm Pac/9pm Est. We discuss closing sales, overcoming objections, marketing on-line, home based businesses, and include guest speakers who are the leaders in the MLM industry. I’ll see you at the TOP!